Each week the Festival will zoom in on a specific social or environmental issue that is particularly urgent for South Asia today: healthcare, livelihoods, climate action, and education. Within each week there will be a series of virtual events that spotlight the great work of AVPN members across the sub-region for each of these threads.

The Grandstand

Get excited about the most impactful ideas on the ground, straight from the source. Be captivated by these 7-minute stories of
6 project leaders who are driving social impact
in South Asia forward. These dynamic presentations will take you on a journey into
the beating heart of practical social impact.


The Emerging Landscape

An engaging 25-minute discussion on the underlying shifts and emerging trends affecting the social investment landscape in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Discover how the big picture is evolving,
and the key ideas that might propel the region forward towards greater resilience.


Deep Dives

In this 60-minute interactive session, learn strategies that you could put into practice and take the first step in creating solutions for
some of the complex challenges facing the sector.

Full Agenda Schedule

Please use the Google Chrome web browser on our event platform for the best festival experience.

South Asia Impact Capital Festival 2021 Partners

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